Lasik Operation Room

:Patient Guide for LASIK

At first, the patient referred to the ophthalmic clinic for treatment of refractive disease and removal of eyeglasses and after receiving the introduction of the letter for Imaging (topography) of the eye, refer to the ophthalmic center. After the topography of the topography, we again refer to the corresponding doubts and then re-reviewing and considerate notice FI, it is possible to perform action. Then, the patient will go to the eye center with a prescription and a letter and with an eye-grade score, and coordinate the action with the LASIK section in order to form a record. The LASIK part is also a day before the operation and the appointment of the surgeon and the time of operation with the patient, and the exact time of the patient’s presence in the LASIK department is determined. The patient is required to be present at the center of the hour and after the case is completed and the code is referred to the fund and after the deposit the fee will be taken to the location of the operation room and the action is performed before the operation. The patient will usually be taken to the operating room within 90 minutes after the admission to operation and after the operation, which generally takes between 15 to 40 minutes, the patient comes out of the operating room. Finally, after controlling the action and lenses, the patient leaves the center