(International patients department (IPD

IPD is a department in the medical center whose task is to make the necessary coordination to provide diagnostic and treatment services to foreign patients

International Patient: Is a foreigner who refers to the medical center to obtain diagnostic and medical services

Admission of international patients: If the patient visits the center directly or after admission through the website or through health tourism companies, all the regulations including facility costs, service packs, and amenities should be provided to the patient in the form of sealed leaflets, and if the conditions are accepted by the patient, patient admission is made on the basis of a contract between the center and the patient. In case the patient is admitted into the center by a valid facilitator, prior coordination needs to be achieved between the agency (physician in charge of health in Facilitator Company) and the center’s IPD unit. The coordination includes the patient information and initial file record that should be made available to the surgical center. Patient admission is made in the form of a tripartite contract between the Center, the Facilitator Company and the Patient

:At the time of admission to hospitalization International patients need to consider the following

Having physician’s hospitalization form

Patient’s Passport

Patient admission is performed daily at the center from 7:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. Surgery admissions are performed on the first floor in the admission unit

:International patients department of Urmia Aftab Surgery Center

IPD Unit Physician: Dr. Karim Khodayi

 IPD Unit Nurse: Ms. Mahsa RuhiNezhad and Mr Fardin Kiyani

IPD Unit Expert: Ms. Neda Nemati

IPD Unit Medical Records clerk: Ms. Farzaneh Kakazadeh

Website Manager: Mr. Vahid Heidari

Responsible for IPD medical documents : Ms. Farzaneh Kakkazadeh

IPD staff numbers: 04433433149-50 / code:109 – Ms nemati

IPD nurse number:09107757643